Selection Process

Selection will be based on student performance in the following areas: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.

Students will be scored based on a 100 point system.


In order to be considered for membership, students must have an ACT score on file by the end of the fall semester of their junior year.  ACT scores that demonstrate college readiness are strongly suggested.

Students applying for the National Honor Society must also follow a rigorous course schedule.  Juniors must meet the following course requirements (or the CCP equivalents) to be considered for membership:

           Completed Honors Geometry
           Enrolled in Honors Algebra II or higher their junior year
           Completed Honors English II
           Enrolled in Honors English II their junior year
           Completed at least one honors course
           Enrolled in an honors course their junior year

Students will be awarded points based on their GPA. The maximum number of points possible for scholarship will be 40 points. 

Points will be awarded as follows:

4.0 - 40 points     3.95 - 39 points
3.9 - 38 points     3.85 - 37 points
3.8 - 36 points     3.75 - 35 points
3.7 - 34 points     3.65 - 33 points
3.6 - 32 points     3.55 - 31 points
3.5 - 30 points 

A GPA that falls between any of these scores will receive the lower
point value.

SERVICE: Students can receive a maximum of twenty points for service. Students will be awarded two points for participation in each sport, school club, school organization, band, jazz band, concert band, chorus, scholarship team, cheerleading, office aide, library aide, teacher's aide, and other non-paid service positions in the school. Students will receive one additional point for participating in an activity for three years. Two points will also be awarded for participation in community service and church service or organizations. All non-school activities will receive one point. Service will be determined on an annual basis.

LEADERSHIP: Students can receive a maximum of twenty points for leadership. Students will receive two points for each elected or appointed leadership position in the school or in the community. Leadership positions will include officer of a club or class, non-rotating captains of a team or squad, leadership roles in church or community organizations, etc. Leadership is cumulative for grades 9-12 only.

CHARACTER: Students can receive a maximum of twenty points for character. Teachers will be given the opportunity to rank each student on a scale of zero to twenty in the areas of dependability, honesty, consideration, respect and compliance. Any teacher that gives a student a score of less than five will be required to comment and give documented reason for the score. The average of all of the teachers' responses will be the points awarded in this area.

* The candidate's score will be the sum of the total points from each category (scholarship, service, leadership, character).
* To be eligible for selection by the faculty council, a student must have a total score of 70 points or better.
* The faculty council will evaluate each eligible member and selection will be by a majority vote.
* The faculty council will deduct points for tardies, absence, discipline referrals, and demerits for the current year and one year previous.

Nomination and Membership:
* Selection of juniors and seniors will take place in the spring.
* A student does not have to accept membership in the National Honor Society.
* Those who do are required to attend all meetings, participate in all fund
raising and service activities, and continue to uphold those standards of
scholarship, leadership, service and character for which they were 
** There will be a $5.00 membership fee for any member who accepts the 

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